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1990 20 year class reunion

Hello Friends! The class of 1990 Reunion Committee has been made and plans are under way for this fun event. Any help or input would be greatly appreciated. Listed below are the individuals who have volunteered to be on the Committee to help plan our Reunion. If you are on Facebook please check out our "Class of 1990 group page". We are in the process of trying to contact as may classmates as possible! Thank you and see you all soon!

*Julie Ziegler/ Parsons   * Melissa Elstad/ Monkman  *Diana Erickson/ Ellis  

* Carrie Cooley/ Cary    *Tim Cary   *Kaylyn Goade/ Green 

 *David Green   *Greg Galloway   *Jodi Byram/Henlin    *Brent Hereford 

Can't wait to see all my friends from school! Life goes so fast and I cannot believe it has already been 20 yrs. See you at the reunion :)

Jodi lynn Henline (Byram)